Shenzhen Milabao Housewares Co.Ltd located in Shenzhen, China. Our location is convenient and with the well-developed transportation connected . We own the capability of R&D, design, manufacturing and sales which we are combined these elements in one company. Our factory--LianMing Metal Plastic Factory , founded in 2000, the factory has professional and technical personnel and management personnel in a number or years in plastic, metal and silicone , mainly engaged in the family kitchen supplies , watches , mobile phone sets, all kind of gifts , such as TPR/PP,TPR/ABS,silicone/nylon, silicone/metal etc.

 Factory since its inception, expanding innovation. Now the factory has a silicone machine, plastic injection machine, silk screen printing, quality control department, mold department, packing department, a total of more than a hundred employee.has 10 injection molding machine , 12sets of silicone machine, EDM machine, 3sets if milling machine, two production line , also we have strong base of supplier at the same time , strong technical force, able to undertake the processing and shipment of silicone , plastic, metal and other semi-finished products, finished products.

 We always based on the principle of “quality first, customer first, continuous improvement”we sincerely provide high-quality service for enterprises.the company believes that with sound sincere cooperation of style and aggressive spirit to ensure that customer can enjoy a stable supply , quality assurance, price and delivery on time best service.

We have silicone products:baby supplies, kitchen supplies , mobile phones sets and watch series etc.

 Plastic we do:PP, PC, ABS, TPR,NL, POM, TPU

 Metal we do :304/430/420

 We export to USA,Europe,our products pass FDA and LFGB standard.


pre-sale service:

1.Provide professional technical consulting services.

2.To provide the preparation of customer visit our factory any time.

3.Elect professional and technician and business man to carry out technical communication, provide accurate product performance, features and specification, and actively cooperate with the buyer to choice most satisfied products.

4.Pre-sales Tel: 0755-84070290


Sale service:

1.Each process, strictly check the quality problems, affect the appearance, function of the product will never let go.

2.Before mass production, make sure take pictures or send samples to confirm the logo, color, specifications etc.

3.Before the shipment, accept the guests random inspection, if the guests give up the inspection, we will conduct internal inspection by our QA manager, and send an internal QC report to the guests.

4.Be sure do all the protective measures on the voyage.


After-sale service:

1.Track guests, understand their sales of goods and satisfaction degree, learn the market, develop an implementation plan.

2.Analysis of customer complaints, timely feedback to customer the cause and solutions.