6 steps for the use of stainless steel filter mesh

- Apr 22, 2018-

  Stainless steel filters are used in many production and life. How to use it properly? I will introduce the following:

  1. We first ensure the ventilation of the equipment and allow the stainless steel filter to be used in a dry environment;

  2. Try not to let the stainless steel filter mesh with corrosive impurities, although the stainless steel mesh has the effect of corrosion resistance;

  3. In the process of transportation, installation and use, try not to approach the fire source;

  4. Check whether the permeability of the equipment is good;

  5. If it cannot be used again if it is damaged during use, replace the filter device;

  6. To use the stainless steel mesh filter to clean the air, use a high mesh number.