6 ways to open the sealed can

- Apr 11, 2018-

  1. Sharp items such as knives and scissors can be used to open along the edge of the cap to keep the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the can balanced.

  2. You can use stainless steel, brass spoons, keys, and paper towel to increase the friction, and then move the lid along the edge of the bottle, so that the air can enter the can, you can open it.

  3. Find a sharp object, or a knife, poke a hole in the lid, let it go, and the air pressure inside and outside the bottle is balanced, so it is easy to open.

  4. Repeatedly heating the bottle cap from far to near with a hair dryer in the house, and finally opening the sealed jar.

  5. Reverse the canister to a 45 degree angle, then grasp the canister and tap the bottom of the can. The lid will open. The principle is to give an impulse to the jar, the sealed jar is stationary, and the part of the lid will continue to move due to the inertia, the direction is from the direction of the lid, so it will loosen. On the other hand, the cans have a long sealing time, because the force between the molecules makes it difficult to pull the lid of the can, and knocking the lid also has the effect of breaking this intermolecular force.

  6. Immerse the sealed jar in a pan, then heat it in 80-degree hot water for half a minute (note that the heating time should not be too long), or you can use hot water to cover the lid for a few minutes, and then pull the lid firmly to open the lid.