A must-know practical knowledge about creamy spatulas

- Nov 09, 2017-

Making cream cake, out of the decoration, the most important is the wiping the surface, wiping the surface regular, smooth, then the cake is also half the success of the production. Knife received straight face for many novice is a problem, and even some basic skills are not solid cake Biaohua division flawed. Out of the surface technology, the choice of spatula is also very important.

Cream spatula is used to bake the cake in the top of the cream and wipe the smoothing tool, according to the size of the cream cake, the length of the knife is also different, the length of the knife and the size of the cake has a very big relationship: 8-inch Spatula applies to within 10 inches of cake surface, 12-inch spatula applies to more than 10-inch cake surface. Cream spatula consists of the blade, face, tip, and the handle, we should know the component of the knife at first in order to understand how to take it.

Blade: Ring finger, middle finger put in the blade, with the thumb to adjust the blade angle. Note that as long as the spatula touches the cream, the blade must be tilted 30 degrees to move the cream toward the inside of the face.

Knife surface: the index finger should be placed at half the knife face to prevent the knife tilting the front.

Tip: The tip of the spatula is curved, so that the tip.

Shank: Put a little finger on the front of the shank was "hook" like, to prevent the spatula from slipping off during the operation, the shank represents the overall spatula.

The use of cream spatula is one of the basic skills of the cake master, if you want to be a good West Point division, proficient master cream spatula skills is essential.