About silica gel desiccant basic knowledge

- Mar 06, 2018-

  Silica gel desiccant

    Applicable industries:

  The relative humidity of the environment during the storage and transportation of instruments, meters, equipment, leather, bags, footwear, textiles, foodstuffs, medicines, etc., to prevent damp, mildew and rust

Description: The main component of silica (SiO2) is a high pore structure of water-containing silica, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, chemically stable, with a strong moisture absorption.

   What is a silica gel desiccant? Why do I always see these little things in the daily necessities bought?

   Because silica is the main component of silica (silica), this chemical is stable, non-toxic and harmless, so you can find this type of desiccant in a variety of foods. It can play a role in absorbing air and water in food. Silica gel desiccant can absorb the maximum moisture is about 40% of its own weight. Another feature of the silica gel desiccant is that it can be reused, as long as it is heated to 100 degrees Celsius to evaporate the water, you can re-use.

   Click here to view the picture in the new window? Desiccant size of how many kinds of packaging specifications? Is everything the same?

  From the small packet of 0.5 grams of dry package to the large package of 500 grams of dry package, the middle there are special specifications.

   Particle size of raw materials, it is in accordance with the diameter of the particles to distinguish.

 【Properties: Porous silica gel fine pore silica gel and pore two kinds of massive silica gel. Porous spherical silica gel appearance of transparent or translucent spherical particles, pore block silica gel is transparent or translucent irregular particles.

 【Basic quality parameters:

  The average pore size of 2.0-3.0nm, specific surface 650-800m2 / g, pore volume 0.35-0.45ml / g, specific heat 0.92KJ / kg. , thermal conductivity 0.63KJ / m. Hr. .

  Uses: mainly used as desiccant, moisture-proof beads, deodorant and various adsorbents. Widely used in instruments, meters, equipment, leather, luggage, footwear, textiles, food, medicine and other storage and transportation of the relative humidity control environment, to prevent moisture, mildew and rust objects. Because of its high bulk density and low moisture absorption under the obvious characteristics, can be used as air purification agent. It is also widely used on the sea because the goods are often damp and deteriorated due to the temperature in the process of transportation. The products can effectively dehumidify and damp proof so that the quality of the goods can be guaranteed.

 【Specification: 0.5-2mm, 1.5-4mm, 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm, 4-8mm.

 【Packing: Each bag net weight 25kg or 500kg.

 【Remarks: Water, packaging and specifications can be customized according to user needs.