Advantages of non-stick cake baking pan

- Apr 27, 2018-

   Non-stick cake baking pan mold body combined with the body body does not fall off, seamless welding, easy to hide, durable, high quality steel, service life is four times the ordinary baking pan. With a special process, the non-stick layer contains no toxic substances, no rust, and meets hygiene standards. The mold adopts special technology surface treatment, has excellent non-stick performance, and is easy to clean. At the same time, it saves oil and working hours, is suitable for the smooth demoulding of high sugar cake products, and is used by food factory production lines and high frequency stores.

  Most of the cake mold is not painted, so it is very simple to handle, only need to evenly brush a layer of cream, baked into the furnace for about 220 minutes or so, take out the oil drained repeatedly two or three times on it. This baked cake has a scent and won't stick.