Analyze the cause of the pungent odor of silicone products

- Apr 12, 2018-

  With the continuous improvement of the process of silica gel products, silica gel products have become more and more widely used in daily life. However, some businesses have found that some silicone products may give off a pungent odor when they purchase silicone products. Intuitively, why do silicone products produce this pungent odor? This smell will not be toxic? Or something like that?

  These problems are mainly due to the fact that some silicone products factories use standard or non-environmental materials used by non-normal companies in order to save costs, and ordinary vulcanizing agents are inexpensive, instead of being completely cured by the ROHS-tested environmentally friendly and odorless vulcanizing agents. The agent is a kind of catalyst that promotes the vulcanization and molding of the silicone raw material. After the silicone product is molded, it will volatilize and form, leaving only a small amount of residue and volatilizing within 48 hours. The vulcanizing agent will not cause any harm to the human body, but the low-cost and low-cost vulcanizing agent may produce a burning and pungent taste. The volatilization time may be longer than a month, so try to choose the performance when choosing a silicone product. The best odorless silicone products, especially some directly imported silicone products, such as baby nasal suction device, silicone plate, silicone kettle, etc. ... more demanding.

  Basically, silicone does not have a great taste. The problem of taste is mainly due to the vulcanizing agent and vulcanizing agent. We choose the vulcanizing agent should use an odorless vulcanizing agent. The vulcanizing agent basically has no odor after the second stage. It should be noted that when the secondary vulcanization temperature needs to be 200 degrees Celsius / 2-4 hours, it can also be 155 degrees Celsius or 150 degrees Celsius / 12 hours, the smell of such silica gel products and water molecules will evaporate, so will not Produces some pungent odors.