Application of TPR and Silicone Material in Kitchenware Tableware

- Mar 12, 2018-

  Silicone and TPR materials can be said to provide a vast creative space for the design of kitchenware products. Kitchenware products mostly need to be in full contact with food, and the non-toxic requirements for soft rubber materials are very high. In general terms, both silica gel and TPRTPE are food-grade materials, but due to differences in the food-grade test standards for silica gel and TPRTPE materials in different countries or regions, the environmental performance of TPR and silica gel materials is still somewhat different. In the production and processing of kitchen utensils and soft rubber materials, in addition to considering the processing properties of the materials, the environmental characteristics of the materials are an important consideration. Here are the performance and differences of silicone and TPR materials for kitchen utensils.

  1. Kitchenware tableware uses TPR silica gel and TPETPR soft rubber in kitchen products industry applications are common;

  2. Silicone bowl drop-resistant non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly; TPRPP compound material vegetable basket can be folded to store, absolutely save storage space;

  3.TPRPP&PA composite material kitchenware provides more grip soft touch;

  4.TPRPP composite material chopping board is good in anti-slip performance and safer to use;

  6. Silicone & TPR Ice Cube has excellent low temperature softness, can more convenient storage of food fruits and more!