As soon as summer silicone mats start selling, what's hidden behind them?

- Mar 17, 2018-

   As we all know, Guangdong seems to be able to feel the warmth of the season for us only in the summer and winter. Don't ask where I am going in spring and fall. This is not the case. The summer has not yet come to meet us with a quick greeting. This summer is the time for the silicone mat to take advantage of this opportunity. What secret is hidden behind this?

   Summer girls like to wear good-looking sandals or high heels. In fact, sandals and high heels are not more comfortable than sports shoes. There is an annoyance for girls to wear sandals. The feet are easily blistered and the pain is unbearable. How can this be good?

   This season is when the silicone cushion machine is hot, and it is loved by many girls. This way, you can wear shoes that are beautiful and bright, and you don't have to walk or get tired. It is understood that these silicone pads are mostly made of liquid silicone, the use of a simple method, just tore off the back of the tape, directly attached to the shoe grinding parts, compaction on the line. Many insoles have been sold, can also be purchased in a treasure above, selling anti-wear silicone pad stores are numerous, its price is affordable, a pack of 4 loaded silicone stickers, as long as a few dollars also shipping it.