Bread making method

- May 29, 2018-

  Put the prepared four eggs into a clean pot (some friends can also separate the egg whites and the yolks separately) and add 120 grams of white sugar. The cakes we make are the kind of soft sponge cakes. Don't use sugar. Too little, otherwise the cake is not easy to come by and the fluffiness and wetness of the cake will decrease.

  Use the egg beater to adjust to the middle speed and start playing. During the playing process, the yellow color gradually changes from light yellow to light white, and the volume will expand accordingly. Generally, it will expand to about 3-4 times the original size. When the liquid flows to the surface, you can draw a figure eight. At this time, you can play almost the same. You can close the egg beater and the egg liquid is ready.

  130 grams of low-gluten flour was sieved twice. Each time you sift through, you must use a squeegee to gently mix and mix. When you mix and whip, you can't circle the dough. Turn it up from the bottom and fasten it to avoid battering.

  40 grams of milk, 30 grams of salad oil, one-half spoon of salt, 3 grams of baking powder, mixed.

  Mix the milk, salad oil, salt, and baking powder with an egg beater until the milk is mixed and the oil is mixed.

  Put a portion of the egg batter before it is poured into a mixture of milk and oil, stir it well with a squeegee, then pour it into the batter, and turn it evenly with a squeegee.

  Now apply a layer of oil to the toaster, then pour the cake into the toaster, and then drop a few times to shake the bubbles.

  After these steps are completed, place the barrel in the bread machine and select the baking mode.

  About an hour later, hot cakes were baked.