Can a glass bottle be heated in a microwave oven?

- Apr 11, 2018-

  Normal glass bottles cannot be heated in a microwave oven.

  Only borosilicate glass and glass bottles with the words “microwave oven-specific” can be put in.

  Can not be put into microwave oven utensils:

  Ordinary plastic container

  Heated foods can deform plastic containers, release toxic substances, contaminate food, and endanger human health.

  2. Metalware

  Because iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel, and other utensils are placed in the oven, the microwave oven generates electric sparks and reflects microwaves when heated, which not only damages the furnace but also does not heat the food.

  3. Closed container

  Wide-mouth containers should be used when heating liquids, because the heat generated by food heating in closed containers is not easily dissipated, and the pressure inside the container is too high, which can easily cause blasting accidents. Avoid using bottled food with a narrow bottleneck: even if the lid is opened, it also expands due to stress and causes an explosion.

  4. Whereever non-heat-resistant containers such as bamboo utensils and lacquerware have concave-convex glass products, they should not be used in microwave ovens. Porcelain dishes cannot be inlaid with gold or silver lace.