Can a silicone folding cup be used to hold boiling water?

- Mar 09, 2018-

  The foldable silicone cup became one of the portable items for sports and picnics. It folded directly into the pocket after drinking to reduce the storage space instead of the shortage of water bottles and bottled mineral water. It completely subverted the consumer's view of the silicone folded cup. , then the problem has solved the problem of insufficient space, on the other hand, it also makes a lot of consumers confused that it can be used to hold water?

  Before a lot of people asked whether the high temperature of silicone products will cause chemical reactions to leak out some chemical raw materials? The only answer is: fully able to put 100 degrees of boiling water will not appear hot disintegration occurs, between normal temperature and high temperature -40 to 280 degrees, there will be no problem, due to room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and meteorological method white carbon Black has a certain degree of toughness and high-temperature baking, it will not be deformed, and its toughness will fail. Silicone and plastic will not contain BPA (biphenol A), and they can be rated as food-grade environmental protection products.

  What netizens said is used to hold boiling water is even more of a trivial matter. Due to the unique properties of food-grade silicone materials, in addition to high temperature resistance, the climate can be fully adapted to the low temperature environment. For stability, The main components of silica gel material are silica, silicon resin and white carbon. Except the catalyst added by the silica gel product manufacturer (sulfiding agent), it will not collide with any material, and the catalyst smell can be based on the secondary fluidization temperature. Bake removed!

  In addition to silicone cups, many common daily necessities can achieve the desired results, as it can hold water? I have never seen silicone products that cannot be filled with water!