Can TPU material replace silicone?

- Apr 12, 2018-

  Both TPU and silica gel are novel materials that are insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and odorless, chemically stable, and have high mechanical strength, but the two are quite different.

  TPU material features:

  1.TUP material is hard;

  2. TPU material wear resistance, impact resistance, shock absorption;

  3. The TPU material is relatively hard and the elasticity is not ideal;

  4. TUP material has strong anti-aging properties, but is easily yellowed

  5.TPU is not easy to stick ash, outstanding cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, mold resistance

  Silicone material characteristics:

  1. Silicone material is softer

  2. Congenital abrasion resistance of silica gel, the effect of impact resistance is not obvious

  3. Silicone material is softer, less flexible, more sticky

  4. The anti-aging property of silicone material is general, but it is not easy to yellow

  5 easy to greasy silicone, while the material is also slightly poor and easy to dust and into the gray

  According to the above data analysis, the future TPU will replace some of the silicone products market, but the soft, non-yellowing properties of silicone materials are necessary for many products, TPU will replace the low-end market of silicone products, high-end products will still use silicone, The prospects for the development of silica gel in the coming years are still considerable.