Choose silicone pacifier note

- Apr 22, 2018-

  The pacifier is the baby's close friend, who is in close contact with the baby every day. The pacifier is too important for the baby. Therefore, young mothers and dads should pay attention to the texture of the material, the size of the milk hole, the life of the pacifier, and so on when choosing.

  1. The texture should be soft enough

  The baby's gums are very weak, and the quality of the material directly affects the baby's sucking and feeding process. This has minimal damage to the child's teeth.

  2. The size of the milk hole

  Whether the through hole is large enough and it is unobstructed when sucking. When you buy, you can look at the size of the hole first. You can go back and try it out first.

  3. Look at brand reputation

  Generally choose a good reputation pacifier is more secure, do not choose yellowing or other color products, usually silicone milky white, colorless and odorless material.

  4. Stability of nipple and butterfly wing adhesion

  Pay attention to whether the pacifier and the butterfly seat wing are firmly bonded and whether the entire pacifier is larger than the baby's mouth so as not to inhale the entire pacifier.

  5. Diameter of the pacifier's wing

  The pacifier's butterfly seat wings are preferably curved, and have ventilation holes, so that the air circulation, saliva outflow, it will not produce chewing gum or eczema.

  6. The life of silicone teat

  Silicone nipples need to be replaced if they are deformed, damaged, etc. Generally speaking, nipples only have a lifespan of about three months.

  The choice of teats is important, but in the process of use must also pay attention to disinfection, do a good job in cleaning, so as not to disease from the mouth.