Clean and maintain stainless steel kitchen utensils

- Sep 07, 2018-

Cleaning method of stainless steel kitchen utensils

1. Stainless steel kitchen ware dust and easy to remove scale: wash with soap, weak detergent or warm water.

2. Remove stainless steel kitchen labels and film: scrub with warm water and weak detergent, and use alcohol or organic solvent for adhesive ingredients.

3. Fat, oil and lubricating oil pollution: after being dried with soft cloth or paper, wash with neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special detergent.

Rinse immediately with water, soak in an aqueous solution of ammonia or carbonated soda, and rinse with a neutral detergent or warm water.

5. Organic carbide adhesion: soak in a hot neutral detergent or ammonia solution and wash with a slightly abrasive detergent.

6. Fingerprints: use alcohol or organic solvent (ether, benzene), dry with a soft cloth, and then wash with water.

7. Clear the rainbow pattern of stainless steel kitchen utensils: use detergent or oil too much, and use neutral detergent with warm water when washing.

8. Welding with thermal discoloration: wash with 10% nitric acid or hydrofluoric acid, then neutralize with ammonia or soda light solution, then wash with water, or use special detergent.

Ii. Precautions for cleaning:

1. During the cleaning process of stainless steel kitchen utensils, proper cleaning agent and tools should be selected to avoid the use of bleaching ingredients and abrasive solution, steel ball, grinding tools, etc. In order to remove the cleaning solution, clean water should be used to rinse the surface.

2. Stainless steel kitchen utensils should not be wiped with hard baijie cloth, steel wire ball or chemical agent, but should be wiped with soft towel, soft baijie cloth with water, along the grain or polished with stainless steel brightener.

3, stainless steel tableware cleaning to use about 45 ℃ hot water, add detergent, cutlery soak 1 ~ 2 minutes, after carefully scrub the surface of tableware and detergent residues.Wash dishes several times with clean water.

Iii. Maintenance of stainless steel kitchen utensils

1. After cooking, the cooker must be cleaned in time, and the pollution source shall not be decomposed or oxidized, which will increase the difficulty of cleaning.

Avoid using a chlorine-containing detergent.

3. Do not use strong alkali or strong oxidizing chemicals, such as bleach, sodium hypoxite, etc. for cleaning.

4. When using powder cleaning agent, wash along the grain of the pot.

5. Avoid using greasy dishcloth to wipe. After each cleaning, you must use warm water to cut the bottom and rinse off the detergent.After rinsing, dry the pan with a clean towel to make it waterproof..

6. Be careful that the flame does not exceed the bottom of the pan, so as not to cause the cooker to turn yellow or black.

7. Do not keep acidic or alkaline foods for a long time.

8. Do not dry the cooking pot for a long time, which will cause damage to the cooker.

9. Do not rub the outer surface with hard and rough materials, which will cause the surface of the pot to be damaged. Just use sponge cloth.