Clean dishes or cutting boards

- Apr 11, 2018-

The vegetable piers are generally wooden, and the cutting boards can be wooden or plastic. Because the pier or cutting board is often used to cut meat and cut vegetables, if you do not pay attention to cleaning, bacteria can easily reproduce, and easy to mold.

1. Cleaning methods for wooden dishes or cutting boards.

1) Wet the surface of the vegetable pier or cutting board.

2) Brushing with rice water or salt, scraping with a knife can be a serious problem.

3) Rinse with water and dry.

4) For net cloth or cover to cover dust.

2. How to clean the plastic cutting board.

1) Wet the surface and brush it with a brush. .

2) When there are greasy or other dirt, sprinkle with salt, alkaline or neutral detergent, and scrub with a brush.

3) If the color of the vegetables is stained when cutting vegetables, brush with a toothpaste.

4) Rinse with water.