Clever use of microwave oven

- Apr 17, 2018-

  Almost every home has a microwave, but many housewives use the microwave as a heating tool for leftovers. In fact, the microwave oven can be used for cooking, heating, thawing and drying. As long as the research is carefully studied, the function of the microwave oven can be of great help in daily life. Its function is not limited to cooking food, it can also use the principle of rapid heating for sterilization, but also can boil water in a short time to achieve sterilization.

    Sterilize bottles and rags

    In families with babies, microwave ovens can sterilize baby bottles. The bottle can be filled with 7 points of water and wrapped in plastic wrap. The pacifier is placed in a container filled with water. To avoid floating, use a small bowl, etc., and heat in a microwave oven for about one minute. After cleaning the rag and heating in a plastic bag, the cleaning and sterilizing effects can be achieved. It is a clean rag that can be used at any time when it is hot to dry.

    Sterilization and warming of tableware

    Microwave ovens can also be used to disinfect tableware used daily. Do not wipe dry after washing, directly into the microwave heating. Some dishes need to be warm before use, and microwaves can also be used. However, there are gold and silver threads or detailed patterns of tableware and thinner cups, or try to avoid the use of microwave ovens.

    Drying and dehydration of vegetables

    The vegetables are heated with a small power until the epidermis shrinks into a cocoon shape and are slightly soft. They are sealed in plastic bags and then stored. The foods can be cooked and eaten after being soaked so that you can eat vegetables that have passed the season.

    In addition, precious Chinese herbal medicines are placed in a microwave oven and warmed up. After cooling, they are sealed in plastic bags and can be stored for a long period of time. After crackers, seeds, and peanuts are oxidized, they can be restored with a microwave oven. Fruits such as: lemon, orange, pomelo and other puncture, under the high temperature cover flip heating 15-20 seconds, place 1-2 minutes after hand rub, cut the fruit, you can squeeze juice.