Common reasons for the quality of silicone products

- Mar 13, 2018-

   Many problems are often encountered after the purchase of silicone products, and many of our consumers do not know the reasons for these problems. Silicone products in the production process there will be a variety of process problems, but the process problems can be resolved from the silicone products manufacturers, and raw materials problems arise again from raw material suppliers in the production of raw materials to find the problem point.

   First, the phenomenon of oil products appear silicone

  Sometimes in some mobile phone protective cover, silicone bracelet, daily necessities, raw materials and more solid products which will appear more oil products slippery phenomenon makes the product feel very sticky, which is because the raw materials into which a mixture of silicone oil and white mineral oil led There is an oily phenomenon in conflict with silica. This product is generally to make the product more toughness, more suppleness by adding a chemical compound.

   Second, silicone products appear yellow

  Yellowing phenomenon is the nature of ordinary silicone products, general products after using for too long after the changes in the environment will appear yellow phenomenon, but from adding yellowing agent can reach the same yellow phenomenon or the use of food grade silica raw materials and gas phase method Silicone raw materials, high-transparent high-tensile high-quality silicone body is not the phenomenon of yellowing. So the product you bought belongs to normal silica gel and does not add anti-yellowing agent to yellow the product.

   Third, feel the poor pull of silicone products

   Sometimes the purchase of silicone products appear poor tensile strength, rebound is small or even pull off the phenomenon of this phenomenon can be found from the manufacturer of silicone products can also find the reasons for the raw material which suppliers in the suppliers too much Amino-modified silicone oil is added as a catalyst acid clay as the raw material to improve the viscosity of the silica material resulting in different hardness of the raw material tear resistance and elongation caused by reduced product life expectancy.

   Fourth, why silicone products are not resistant to high corrosion chemicals

  Silicone is resistant to high temperatures around 200 degrees but can not be resistant to high corrosion products What is the reason, in fact, one of the main reasons silicone oil, silicone oil can be mixed with different components of the catalyst to reduce its viscosity, you can also use alkaline substances Increase the viscosity, so as little as possible in the silicone raw material to add silicone oil can avoid conflicts with highly corrosive chemicals.