Common silicone knowledge quiz 2

- Apr 21, 2018-

Q: Can silicone have many colors? Is color silicone toxic?

A: Silica gel is basically a colorless body. Silica gel is a non-toxic product, but it is misty and transparent due to different grades in the production of silica gel. Such as pressure cooker seals, baby's pacifier, color silicone is toxic whether the problem depends on the quality of plastic.

Q: The surface of silicone products will be very bright. Is this toxic?

A: The surface gloss of silicone is non-toxic unless it is secondary processed material is not environmentally friendly.

Q: Does silica gel seep?

A: Silica gel is highly water-repellent and has no influence on water. For example, wetsuits and plastic raw materials are silicone products.