Common silicone knowledge quiz3

- Apr 21, 2018-

Q: What is the temperature range that silicone can withstand?

A: Silicone can withstand a temperature range of -40 degrees - +230 degrees

Q: Where can silica gel be used?

A: The use of silica gel is very extensive. Insulating and waterproofing materials of electronic technology industry, cables, shockproof gaskets; keystrokes in the communication industry, sealed waterproof edges; baby bottles, nipples, teethers for baby products; Cake molds, baking trays, ice trays, and protective gear for the medical industry.

Q: How to deal with silicone waste?

A: After being recycled, it can be decomposed and reduced into polysiloxane by a specific treatment. The decomposed material is only used for the production of molds, rather than the production of products.

Q: Why use silicone products? What are the advantages of silicone?

A: 1) .Environmental non-toxic up to food grade, no residue after combustion; 2). Recyclable; 3).No side effects on the human body, safety and environmental protection.