Cooking tips: gadgets to speed up the kitchen

- Sep 29, 2017-

Cooking requires passion, experience and skills to produce the best tasting dishes. In addition, there are also some small way "easy", this gadget can help you to work quickly macrology simplified, make your cooking process more convenient and time-saving, but also more interesting! A little change can be a big surprise!

Quick spring onion knife

Although shredded onions are not a "technical job", you can save a lot of energy with this gadget. A fast, green onion. The absolute time.

Creative descaling apparatus

If cooking fish is a fun process, it might be a small hassle to fish.  This scale can help you get rid of your brain, brush it gently, and the scales will be clean!

No fire porridge method

A small, plain looking pot. Put in the right amount of rice and put in the water just boiled. Put on the lid and you'll be able to sleep. The morning, open the lid, a pot of porridge standspresently eyes, magic magic!