Do you know enough about silicone products?

- Mar 17, 2018-

   All rubber products and silicone products used in the rubber and plastics industry have been used by us for thousands of years. One of the biggest reasons is its elasticity and softness. Nowadays, the use of silicone rubber materials has gradually expanded, and the elastic toughness of silicone products has become one of the most valuable advantages of its performance.

   The so-called elastic principle refers to the need to have a strong adaptability and toughness to rebound and shrink without force suppression, many of the life of silicone products are associated with rebound stretch rate, in which it can mainly provide shock absorption , Earthquake, eliminate buffer, seal and so on, so that it can be recognized by the market.

   Do you know what are the reasons that affect the elasticity of silicone products?

   1. the formula and quality of raw materials

   Solution: According to the product's performance and hardness to determine the production of raw materials formula and additives performance!

   2. excessive stress, long-term cyclical use of pulling frequency and strength is too large.

   Solution: Properly use the product according to the performance of the product to extend the life of the product.

  3. the production process may result in reduced product performance, such as the blending curing agent with the expected hardness of the material, molding the curing temperature, time, etc., may affect the flexibility and other properties of a silicone product.

   Solution: Observe carefully where there is a problem and make a plan for the problem.