Edge waste processing method in the production of silicone products

- Mar 13, 2018-

  With the worsening of the global environment, peoples awareness of environmental protection has also increased. In particular, the classification of industrial waste recycling has been everyone's topic of concern. Such as silica gel products factory in the corner scrap scrap products. Here we talk about for the production of silica gel products in the corners of the scrap processing methods:

Clear responsibilities of the silicone production department:

  1. The Engineering Department will indicate the waste of each silicone product on the process card, and the classification of scrap.

  2. The production staff will import the corner scrap into the designated location according to the category indicated on the craft card.

  3. The classified corner wastes are cleaned and crushed by the personnel of the production department and added to the rubber compound of the corresponding products according to the instructions of engineering technology.

  Handle corner waste specific operations:

  1. According to different plastic materials and their hardness classification.

  2. The corner wastes of different types of rubber should not be mixed, and no scraps of paper, iron scraps, wooden blocks, mud, etc., should be mixed in the corner waste. The single and pure corner waste should be protected.

  3. The production department regularly processes the classified scrap materials.