Egg beater

- Apr 20, 2018-

  The egg-beater is a tool for fully mixing egg whites and egg yolks into egg liquids, and egg batters and egg yolks are individually beaten. Egg whites and egg yolks can be simply and quickly blended into egg liquids for use as steamed eggs. There are two kinds of egg beaters commonly used in the home: manual egg beater and electric egg beater.

  1. The use of the manual eggbeater is the simplest. Simply place the egg beater in the egg mixture and beat it.

  2. It is not difficult to use the electric egg beater. The screw used to stir the egg beater is used to stir the flour, and the round beater is used to beat the protein. Insert one (two) stirring heads you need before each use. Take it out and clean it. The switch can be adjusted at high and low levels, with the lowest power at 1st gear.