Essential soup spoon type at home

- Nov 29, 2017-

Spoon is a tableware, every household need to purchase. There are various sizes spoon, a variety of materials, uses are different. Everyone is very familiar with the spoon, but because too often, so few people noticed, there are many kinds of soup spoon.

Wooden spoon - Wood Soup spoon is the most ancient kind of soup spoon, from the beginning of human cooking food has the use of wooden spoon history. Wood natural color and texture with the beauty of the original ecology, environmental safety, no harm to human health. Wooden spoon has big and small, suitable for Chinese soup, can also be used to scoop porridge.

Porcelain spoon - China is a porcelain country, made of porcelain soup spoon exquisite, rich cultural meaning. Chinese like to use ceramic dishes, coupled with ceramic soup spoon looks elegant and beautiful, can enhance the dining grade and temperament. Ceramic soup spoon soon to be used at home, or restaurant and restaurant essential tableware. As we all know, eating Chinese food in restaurant restaurants will definitely not give each customer a ceramic soup spoon. This shows that it has a very important position in Chinese etiquette.

Stainless steel spoon - Stainless steel material since its inception, it is widely used in tableware supplies. Stainless steel cutlery has the advantage of bright and clean fashion, corrosion-resistant, anti-fall durable. Stainless steel soup spoon most suitable for soup, wood soup spoon than the high temperature, will not be deformed cracking; light and smart than the ceramic soup spoon, and not afraid to touch broken. When cooking pot and pot must use stainless steel soup spoon.

Plastic spoon - Plastic spoon is more portable than other materials, and colorful, cheap. Plastic soup spoons are mostly used to drink soup with a small spoon, fast food restaurants and snack bar will buy disposable plastic soup spoon. However, plastic is a kind of chemical material. When purchasing, we must pay attention to the environmental protection of the material. PVC material is poisonous chemical material and can not be used for tableware.

Silicone spoon - Silicone is an environmentally safe, durable material. Silicone spoon is mainly designed for infants and young children cutlery, soup spoon recommended to children with friends. This material after scientific inspection certification, will not cause any harm to the child.