Five tips for a new iron pot

- Aug 06, 2018-

1.See if the surface of the pan is smooth.The surface of the pot should be smooth, but not "smooth as a mirror". As a result of the casting process, the iron pot has irregular shallow lines, which is not a problem.

2.Look at the bottom of the pot.The bottom of the pot is commonly known as the bottom of the pot.Want to choose a small pot bottom, heat transfer fast, save time to produce fuel;The bottom of the pot is not good, heat transfer is slow, it takes time.

3. The pot has thickness, and thin is good.Some iron POTS may be thick on one side and thin on the other, which is caused by the malposition of the model.

4. When purchasing, you can turn the bottom of the pot upside down, press your finger against the center of the concave surface of the pot and hit it with hard objects.The louder the pot, the better the hand vibration.This method can also be used to check whether the pot has cracks.Cracks tend to occur on the edge of the pot because they are also the thinnest.

5. See if there are any defects in the pot.Defects mainly include small bulges and small pits. The bulges of small bulges are usually iron, which has little influence on the quality of the pot.

If the protuberance is in the concave of the pot, it can be removed by grinding wheel to avoid blocking the shovel.Small pit is more complex, the quality of the pot greater harm.There are three main conditions, namely, sand, air and shrinkage.The "three eyes" area is in the center of the pot's convex and concave sides, which is the throat of pouring iron water.Be careful to check when you buy, because some people fill the pit with graphite, it is not easy to see, you can only use a small brush to expose it.