Five tips for kitchen cleaning and maintenance

- Apr 25, 2018-

  The kitchen is often the most concentrated place in the home environment. Every holiday, housewives begin to struggle with these oils. For kitchen cleaning and maintenance, as long as you master some tips, you don't have to worry about it.

  1. Glass oil can be wiped with alkaline detergent powder, and then coated with sodium hydroxide or dilute ammonia solution on the glass. After half an hour scrubbing with a cloth, the glass will become smooth and bright.

  2. Furniture oil Add some vinegar to the water, then wipe to remove the oil. Or with a cleaning product: bleach solution soaked for a while and then rub, the decontamination effect is also very good.

  3. Clean the ground with more oil. Usually, pour a little vinegar on the mop to remove stains from the ground. However, the oil on the concrete floor is difficult to clean. It can be cleaned with grass ash. The ash can be transferred into a paste and then evenly spread on the ground. After repeated flushing with clean water, the cement floor can be completely renewed. With burned honeycomb coal ash, mixed with detergent to wash the ground, it is also easy to remove the oil.

  4. After the cooking oil liquefied gas cooker is stained with oil, the viscous rice soup can be used to coat the cooking utensils. After the rice broth is dried and scorched, it is scraped with a piece of iron and the oil will be removed with the rice soup. Such as the use of more dilute rice soup, noodle soup directly wash, or use squid bone cleaning, the effect is not bad.

  5. The oil stain on the screen window shall firstly use a dustpan to sweep away the surface dust, and then use 15 grams of clean essence to add 500 milliliters of water. After evenly mixing, wipe it with both sides of the rag to remove grease. Or add a small amount of milk to the detergent solution. The screens washed out will be the same as the new ones.