French dessert Madeleine cake

- Apr 12, 2018-

Madeleine is a French-style snack that you can enjoy with black tea and coffee. I like the fragrance of fruit in the cake. I added lemon pietin to this cake. When I eat it, I bite it. It has a rich taste and fresh taste.

raw material:

120 grams low-flour flour, baking powder 1 teaspoon (5ml), butter 120 grams, 2 eggs (about 60 grams each), sugar 90 grams, 25 grams of honey, lemon pie 50 grams.


180 degrees, middle, 15 minutes.


1. 2 eggs at room temperature hit the bowl;

2. Add white sugar, mix evenly with egg beater, do not send eggs;

3. Add honey and stir evenly. Lemon Piding chopped into a bowl (I used Taobao to buy it, feeling a bit like fruit, dry);

4. Sieve into low-gluten flour and baking powder, stir well;

5. Butter with a microwave oven thaw file can be heated for about 1 minute, butter, low melting point is very easy. Add the melted butter to the pot;

6. Stir the liquid butter and flour mixture and store it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

7. Take out the refrigerated batter and put it into a bag.

8. Smear a layer of butter in the mold, then sprinkle a thin layer of high-gluten flour on top, the batter squeezed into the mold about 7 minutes full, not too full, baking will also expand;

9. Into the preheated oven, about 15 minutes in the middle, can be used toothpicks judgment.