Great Ways for Using Silicone Gloves

- Apr 19, 2018-

  Barbecuing removing charcoal chimneys, removing and adjusting hot grates, handling big cuts of pork or poultry, moving a hibachi or tabletop grill.

  Indoor Cooking removing hot pans from the oven, draining hot pots of boiling water, grabbing lobsters out of a pot of water, handling cast iron cookware, removing and replacing pot lids for stirring.

  Frozen Foods – We have a chest freezer out in the garage and after about 30 seconds of moving cryovaced meats, chicken pieces, ice cream, leftover containers and frozen foods, my hands are burning cold. These gloves will help.

  Carving – holding onto hot food items for carving without burning those fingertips.

  Platting – removing hot plates from the oven or microwave before platting, transferring hot plates to the table.

  Camping – working with fire pit grates, pulling hot pans out of the fire or off the fire grate, protecting your hands when making smores with a stick that’s too short.

  Miscellaneous – opening those incredibly hard to open jars, grabbing an oven thermometer from whatever you are cooking, removing hot light bulbs around the house.