Had you used eco-friendly silicone kitchenware?

- Mar 14, 2018-

   Speaking of silicone kitchen utensils have to talk about the material of silicone, which is used in the kitchen utensils products, food grade silicone as a raw material plus anti-yellow anti-color Perkins vulcanizing agent, ordinary silicone body is non-toxic and tasteless, but this association To our life, natural green safety and environmental protection can not be ignored, so the silicone material manufacturers to purchase a little more expensive food grade silicone original material can make everyone feel comfortable using, silicone kitchen utensils compared with traditional tableware, more abundant dishes The color, let us look more vibrant meal to eat the vitality, soft material do not have to worry about the broken phenomenon, easy and convenient when cleaning, save more space when you store.

  Silicone products are high temperature resistant room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, silicone kitchen utensils in the production process using high temperature of about 200 degrees temperature curing mold poisoning sterilization natural, let's enjoy the high temperature one or two Baidu water temperature disinfection it, silicone heat transfer The feeling is relatively high, so it has a heat preservation effect, and sometimes you want to prepare meals in advance and you are afraid of cold, then it is your choice. What are the reasons why you do not use it for so many advantages?