Hand egg beater and Rotary egg beater

- May 10, 2018-

  Hand egg beaters are usually constructed of aluminum or stainless steel. The structure of this device includes an open handle that is easy to thread through the fingers and grip, so there is solid control during use. A crank is included on the side of the design of the hand beater, allowing the user to turn the two rotary beaters at the bottom end of the utensil at whatever speed is desired. The device is built as one solid component, with no pieces that are detachable. This means than cleaning is accomplished by hand washing the entire unit, or by placing the utensil into a dishwasher.

  Rotary egg beaters are most commonly used for preparing batter. In the case of making a cake, they can be used to mix flour, sugar, eggs, oil, and flavoring into a tasty batter for the layers of the cake. They also are a great way to blend cake mix with eggs and any other ingredients that are necessary. As the beaters are moved around the ingredients, the rotary beaters are operated using the crank on the side of the device, blending the components until the batter is smooth.