Hang the cooking utensils up

- May 06, 2018-

  Nothing is more frustrating than trying to extract the pan or utensil you need from a jam-packed cabinet or drawer. If storage is scarce, remember that large walls can do wonders for kitchen organization, and a few simple modifications can open up cabinet space and organize your cookware. Quick improvements like magnetic strips that hold knives, or open shelves for pots and pans make it easy to access your cooking and baking necessities, and frees up cupboard space and drawers. A suspended pot rack over your kitchen island is another innovative way to organize, providing plenty of room to hang pans and lids. Kitchen pegboards are a wall-mounted storage solution that make it easy to organize items that could otherwise disorganize your counters or make junk drawers out of your kitchen drawers. You can also use vertical space next to your stove or fridge to store cooking utensils for quick access. Hanging your kitchenware keeps your drawers, pantry, and countertop from becoming overcrowded, but it also provides easy access to your most-used cooking and baking tools.