Have a handy pot

- Apr 25, 2018-


The wok looks bulky, but it is solid, durable and evenly heated.

Buy Tips: When buying, it depends on whether the pan surface is smooth and there are no holes and leakage.

Use Tips: Remove the strange smell before using the new wok. Add the salt in the pan and fry it, then add the water and boil it.

Special reminder: It is not advisable to cook Yangmei, hawthorn and other acidic fruits, or mung beans with a wok, because these foods will cause chemical reaction with the wok and cause poisoning.


The reason why the non-stick pan is not sticky is because the inner wall of the metal pan has a PTFE coating.

Buy Tips: To see if the non-stick material is sprayed evenly and the thickness is the same.

Use Tips: Before using the new pot, it is best to apply a layer of edible oil, put it aside for a day or two before normal use, this can improve the coating's non-stick effect. .

Special reminder: Do not immediately wash dishes with cold water after frying, so as not to crack coating, it is best to cool and then wash.

stainless steel pot

The stainless steel pan is not affected by the pH of the food, but because the stainless steel pan is made of nickel-chromium alloy, the heat diffusion is slow, so it is easy to scorch the food.

Buy Tips: When you buy it depends on whether the surface of the pan body is bright and whether there is pitting or not.

Use Tips: When cooking food, the fire should not be too large. Try to make the bottom heated surface wide and even to avoid scorching the bottom of the pot.

Special reminder: Do not salt, soy sauce, vinegar and other seasonings for a long time, and do not cook Chinese medicine. This will cause harmful substances to be dissolved and affect health.