- Mar 13, 2018-

Our bottles are made from 100% Toxin Free silicone that is SAFE to your body and environmentally friendly. No more worrying about harmful chemicals such as BPA affecting your health, which are present in many water bottles. The bottle made of durable, heat-resistant material is suitable for hot and cold drinks from -10 °C - 96 °C.

Do not worry about wet things. The bottle is specially designed, that your water stays safely inside. Have your bottle anywhere in your activities here - The lightweight material makes and extra carrying strap which is to take the bottle super easy and enjoyable. With the 1-Click Open you only need one hand to a refreshing drink to take.

This reusable bottle you carry to decrease in the waste production of disposable bottles and save it directly also some dollars. To complete the cycle, the bottle is completely recyclable.