How about a plastic cutting board

- Aug 07, 2018-


1. Strong and strong, strong and durable: for example, the "vegetable base" for chopping pork chops, the family should use 30-60mm thick pork ribs twice a week, so that a cutting board can be used for more than 15 years.When used, there is less chip removal.

2. More environmentally friendly: compared with natural materials like bamboo and wood, plastic cutting board is more environmentally friendly.Take the wooden piers for chops (about 450mm in diameter) as an example, and each one of these piers needs to be taken from trees 30 to 50 years old.The tree's contribution to the earth is self-evident, and it is indeed a great pity to use it as a pier.

3. Good antibacterial effect: another advantage of plastic cutting board is antibacterial. Compared with natural materials, it has antibacterial characteristics.At the same time, it also has the characteristics of easy cleaning, can use boiled water scald, also can use scrubbing spirit to clean, and after rinsing is not easy to remain.It can also be dishwasher cleaned.

4. Beautiful shape and rich color: the PE stock has a variety of colors to choose from and is very easy to distinguish.The common chopping boards in hotels are as many as 6 colors (at the same time, each cutting board is equipped with a special cutter, the color of which is consistent with the corresponding cutting board to facilitate the differentiation).Brown cutting boards for cooked meats;White chopping boards for dairy products;Blue cutting boards for seafood;Green cutting boards for vegetables and fruits;Yellow cutting boards are used for poultry.


1. The plastic cutting board is not resistant to high temperature and is prone to deformation.

2. The rough plastic cutting board is easy to cut out the plastic fragments, which are harmful to human body.