How about silicone tableware

- Jul 26, 2018-


1. Silicone tableware is made of food-grade silicone material, which is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environment-friendly.

2. Silicone tableware can be folded, kneaded, rolled over, etc., which does not occupy space and will not absorb oil pollution. It has the function of desiccant itself, so it will not become moldy due to long-term storage.

3. Silicone tableware is well matched with food temperature.No matter the food is cold or hot, silicone tableware can protect the temperature of food and reduce the loss of temperature. The food placed in the silicone container can maintain the original temperature after a period of time, and the temperature will not be passed to the user, so it is not easy to get hot.

4. Compared with ceramics, silicone tableware is the biggest feature of resistance to falling, and there will be no noise on the ground.The ceramic tableware commonly used by Chinese people is good at everything, but it is fragile. Although the plastic tableware can also stand falling, its hardness is large, and there may be cracks after falling.

Good heat resistance.Silicone has a good temperature resistance and can be used for steaming, boiling, roasting and so on.

6. Silicone tableware is easy to clean.Because silicone does not stick oil, do not absorb oil, so convenient cleaning.

7. More colors and more shapes.According to the needs of the user can be deployed a lot of color, can shape a variety of shape tableware.

Disadvantage of silicone, is for the Chinese people, because Chinese people accustomed to the porcelain tableware, feel the simple sense of silicone tableware is bad, the most important thing is, silicone tableware heat resistance is high, but that can only meet the requirements of do western food, for Chinese food, its heat resistance is lower than the requirements of Chinese food, such as the high temperature of fire stir-fries often makes the silicone tableware beyond recognition.