How can a man use kitchenware effectively?

- Mar 15, 2018-

  In modern times, there are a lot of men and women who are masterpieces. They have been on the job market, got a kitchen, and can make delicious dishes. However, even if a man can make delicious dishes, there are still many misuses of kitchen utensils. We know that improper use of kitchen utensils can seriously endanger the health of the family. Mirabelle kitchenware experts below to share how men should use kitchenware properly.

   Usually men should not use long-term aluminum pan food. According to chemical knowledge, the chemical properties of aluminum are more active, and air is easily oxidized to form aluminum oxide, which is insoluble in water. If the dish is placed in an aluminum container for a long time, it will damage the aluminum product. The long-term consumption of foods containing aluminum can cause abnormal growth and development of bones and teeth.


  1, acidic beverages should not use metal containers. Also according to chemical knowledge, acidic substances easily react with metal containers such as iron and aluminum. Metal substances dissolve in beverages, causing food poisoning, headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. Lemon juice and sour plum juice often consumed by people. The acidity is high, so try not to use these devices.

   2, oils and fats should not use plastic materials. Soft plastic kitchen utensils are poor in oil resistance and are easily contaminated with grease; do not put fresh fish in plastic kitchen utensils and have strong odor absorption characteristics. The fish smell in plastic filled with fresh fish is difficult to remove; water should not be in full bloom. In plastic kitchenware, soft plastics are not resistant to high temperatures.

   3, should not use enamel cooking food. The enamel products are often made of enamel plated on iron products, while the enamel contains toxic lead compounds; stainless steel or iron pots are not suitable for Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicines often contain alkaloids that heat up to cause chemical reactions that either cause the drug to fail or form toxic substances.

   4, should not use wooden kitchen utensils with odor to do the cutting board. Some woods contain odors or toxic substances that can cause harm to the human body.

   Modern good men, watching the proper use of kitchen utensils, will suddenly realize that because the small details of life do not pay attention, it will directly affect the health of the family. Therefore, good men must learn how to use kitchen utensils correctly and reasonably, and can make delicious, healthy dishes for their wives and families.