How do men use cookware in a healthy way

- Oct 15, 2018-

There are many excellent men in modern times who are able to cook delicious food in the kitchen.But even if a man can cook delicious food, there are many things he can't do properly with kitchen utensils.We know that improper use of kitchen utensils can seriously endanger the health of the family.Here's mila noble kitchen expert to share how men should properly use their wares.

Usually, men should not use aluminum pot to serve food for a long time.According to chemical knowledge, aluminum is more active in chemistry, air makes it easy to oxidize, forming alumina, insoluble in water.If the vegetables are kept in aluminum containers for a long time, the aluminum products will be damaged.Long-term consumption of foods containing aluminum will lead to abnormal growth and development of bones and teeth.

1. Acid drinks should not be packed in metal containers.Also according to chemical knowledge, acid substance is easy to react with metal container, such as iron, aluminum, etc., metal substance dissolves in beverage, can cause food poisoning, appear headache, nausea, diarrhea and so on, usually people often drink lemon water, acid plum soup and so on acidity is very high, try not to use these appliance to pack as far as possible.

2. Plastics should not be used for oil and grease articles.Soft plastic kitchen equipment oil resistance is poor, easy to oil pollution;Do not put fresh fish in plastic kitchen utensils, absorption of the characteristics of strong smell, the plastic containing fish smell is difficult to remove;Do not open water in plastic kitchen utensils, soft plastic does not bear high temperature.

3. Do not use enamel for cooking.Enamel products are often made by coating iron products with enamel, which contains toxic lead compounds.Do not use stainless steel or iron pot decoction Chinese traditional medicine.Traditional Chinese medicine often contains alkaloids, which react chemically when heated, either invalidating the drug or creating a toxic substance.

4. Do not use wooden kitchen tools with peculiar smell as cutting board.Some wood contains odors or poisonous substances that can harm the body.

Modern good men, saw the correct use method of kitchen utensils and appliances, certain meeting suddenly realize, because the small detail that does not pay attention to in the life, can affect the health of family people directly.Therefore, good men should learn how to use kitchen utensils properly and make delicious and healthy dishes for their wives and families.