How does kitchen implement tableware disinfect correctly

- Aug 28, 2018-

First: the enlargement that thinks above all should be disinfect with boiled water, boiled water can kill a lot of bacterium, I put tableware to the inside of pot next boil water to boil about 10 minutes, can disinfect tableware effectively so.

Second: in addition to the open water boiling, there is a similar method is to put the tableware in the drawer, and then sun boiled water like steamed steamed bread with hot steam, so that the left and right sides can be disinfected, disinfection after natural cooling can be.

Third:dishwashers can also be disinfected. We can buy a dishwasher to wash dishes in the market, which can be disinfected every day, but this should be decided according to our living conditions.

Fourth: buy dishwasher to have some waste, buy a disinfection ark is quite good, after washing dishware, do dry moisture next put disinfection ark inside deposit, such use at any time can be very safe.

Fifth: we all know that ultraviolet ray can disinfect, when the sun is full at noon we can put the clean tableware under the sun to illuminate for an hour, so through the ultraviolet ray irradiation disinfect is also very good.

Sixth: bleach powder also has disinfect effect, we can buy the bleach powder that a few clean tableware use technically then add water to soak tableware, soak hind rinse clean, such disinfect good method.

Besides bleach pink we still can go to bazaar to buy the disinfectant water that USES to disinfect tableware technically to clean tableware, must be bought to more normal bazaar certainly when choosing nevertheless, such meeting is at ease quite, after reusing syrup disinfection must use clear water to rinse a few times, will syrup thoroughly rinse clean.

Tableware and kitchen utensils and appliances use for a period of time can breed bacteria, so must regularly check, clean, disinfect and maintain the kitchen utensils and appliances, effectively avoid using unsanitary kitchen utensils and appliances to affect health.