How is the color of silicone products formed?

- Mar 15, 2018-

  We all know that silicone products are not as monotonous as before, many accessories on the market, kitchen supplies, daily necessities, etc. in life are all of different colors, and this also means that many of these procurement friends have brilliant colors in silicone products. Questioned and afraid of the various problems with its color quality, but for friends who don't know much about silicone products, do you know how silicone products are colored? Do you know its safety performance?

  Silica gel raw material is a transparent color, colorless and odorless is a kind of high living material, and its strong adsorption performance is in addition to strong alkali. It does not collide with any material, but due to the raw materials of silica gel, various styles must be maintained in the production process. , It appears that it has a lot of choices so silicone products manufacturers use color masterbatch to add various colors to it, to keep its appearance is not a single, silicone color masterbatch is formed through silicon raw materials, silicone oil, toner, dispersant aggregation, only The choice of using silica gel masterbatch to make silica gel products is because of its stable performance, high dispersion and uniform use on the product, environmental protection, non-toxic, non-polluting, long-term storage will not expire, many features are similar to silicone raw materials, masterbatch The species can also be divided into many types, mainly organic masterbatches and inorganic masterbatches.

  Silica gel masterbatch is an indispensable item for the manufacturer of silica gel products. Its main process is the use of the rubber compounding process. If no color masterbatch is added during the compounding process, then the compounding compound is a transparent color. After being vulcanized, the transparent silicone product is obtained. . Silicone masterbatch color requires careful fine-tuning to achieve good results, is an important technical task for silicone manufacturers, the color can reach thousands of kinds of products with little difference between the most difficult to modulate. In contrast, when it is made with silicone raw materials, it is distributed in accordance with the corresponding proportions. The addition of a vulcanizing agent allows the production of raw materials. The performance of the masterbatch also affects the performance of a product. Our common silicone products change color. There are certain reasons for the choice of color masterbatch. The selection of lightfastness and the strong lightfastness can be achieved without discoloration. It is generally divided into eight levels! The heat resistance performance, the better its heat resistance, the higher the dispersion power, and the higher the dispersion power, the more uniform the color distribution of the finished product. Therefore, you can purchase one by one after making your choice!