How long is the shelf life of silicone products?

- Mar 20, 2018-

How long the shelf life of silicone products depends on the design used, the properties of the materials, the formulation, and the use environment. Different products have different shelf lives. If the product is placed for several years, its performance will slowly decline, and its various properties Will decline, some of the shelf life of silica gel products are in accordance with the number of uses in accordance with the use of the environment and time, while the main silica gel products shelf life is in accordance with the provisions of manufacturers, different performance products have different shelf life, for example, some manufacturers are based on the usefulness and performance of products As a rule, the shelf life of a product is generally about two years.

Processed works with silicone as the main raw material are called silicone products. Silica gel is a porous material with different particle sizes that are suitably dehydrated from silicic acid gels. With an open porous structure, it can adsorb many substances and is a good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier.

Adsorption of silica gel is mainly physical adsorption, which can be regenerated and used repeatedly. The acid is added to a solution of an alkali metal silicate (e.g., sodium silicate) to acidify it, and then a certain amount of electrolyte is added for stirring to generate a silicate gel; or in a more concentrated sodium silicate solution, an acid or Ammonium salts also produce silicate gels.