How to avoid the surface of silicone products is not smooth

- Mar 09, 2018-

  With more and more silicone products flowing on the market, it is inevitable that there are advantages and disadvantages. After some silicone products are used for a period of time, they feel that the surface is not smooth enough and there is a feeling of stickiness, especially in kitchen utensils. Or silicone mobile phone sets the most obvious. What causes the surface of the silicone product to be not smooth?

  1. Problems with raw materials, or due to improper maintenance.

  2. The control and use of the curing agent during mixing of the raw materials is unreasonable, and the amount of the curing agent is small. The silicone products are not completely cured, resulting in the surface of the products being sticky.

  3. When the curing agent and silica gel are mixed, the mixing is not uniform, and the mold does not solidify on curing, resulting in deformation of the product due to the difference in hardness between hard and soft.

  4. Finally, the mold of the production stage was not clean, the inside of the mold was not smooth enough, and the residual material contained in the mold caused unevenness of the heavy material of the product, resulting in a non-smooth surface.

  5. There is no secondary vulcanization, oily hand spray, etc., which means that the post-processing is not enough.

 In short, every detail must be taken into account when producing silicone products, to avoid wasting unnecessary costs.