How to beat the egg beater

- Apr 11, 2018-

1. Take a floury bowl, preferably using ceramics, if you do not have ceramic stainless steel. Then pour the appropriate amount of flour into the pot, make a small pit in the middle of the flour, add water, yeast, or other materials. (If you are making cakes or bread, you can add eggs, butter, milk, etc., and add materials according to the use of the dough.)

2. After adding the material, try to make all the materials in the pit so that the inside of the pit is wet and the outside is dry flour. During the water, the yeast is fully washed and dissolved, and then a chopstick is found. Stir the flour from the middle of the flour and let the flour around dissolve into the water, until all the flour dissolves into the water. Lumps.

3. After stirring the flour, put the flour naturally for half an hour. If the weather is cold, you can leave it for a period of time. It can be as long as two hours an hour. Let the flour wake up awake for future use.

4. After the dough is awake, we begin to use the egg beater to mix the dough. If the conditions permit, it is better to use the electric egg beater, so that the dough will live better and faster. Remove the egg beater, insert the stir stick on the egg beater into the dough, and then hold the hand basin in one hand. Hold the egg beater with one hand and adjust the egg beater to medium speed to start the dough.

5. It generally takes three or five minutes. The dough will live well. If it is for cakes, you can add some butter to it and use an egg beater and noodles until the butter is fully absorbed and stop the dough.

6. After you have a good dough, remove the egg beater, cover the basin with plastic wrap, place the bowl in a warm place and allow the dough to ferment. When the dough swells twice as much, the dough is fermented successfully. Then remove the dough and remove the air bubbles inside the dough.

7. Cut the dough as needed, or other shapes, ready for use.