How to buy high quality and environmentally friendly silicone products

- Mar 09, 2018-

  Nowadays, there are numerous silicone products, such as kitchens, cars, and appliances. Products made of silicone are everywhere, but we must also polish your eyes carefully.

  Some of the raw materials used in some of the silica gel products produced by the Heixin plant have not been tested for environmental protection. The long-term use is extremely harmful, but everyone should not worry too much. Everyone should first look for the brand at the time of purchase, and there is also a non-environmentally friendly silicone product. Open the package can smell a very pungent taste, environmentally friendly silicone is non-toxic and tasteless, and some products have a faint smell; another one is non-environmentally friendly silicone products feel rough, that It is because there is not a layer of grease-like material on the surface, and it is not deformed by the external force of the environment-friendly silicone products. Another way to distinguish it is when you use a lighter to fire on the silicone and see the smoke and after burning. The ash is white, it means that you are buying environmentally-friendly silicone products.