How to buy silicone egg beater

- Mar 23, 2018-

  Whiskers are often used in home kitchens and are divided into manual silicone whisks and electric egg beaters. So both are eggbeaters and their use is the same, except that one is manual and the other is electric. The following silicone mixer manufacturers to share with you how to buy manual silicone egg beater, electric egg beater.

   First, buy silicone manual egg beater

   Silicone manual egg beater purchase is relatively simple, as long as the following two points.

   1, first look at the material, the material is silicone food grade material.

   2, see the brand. It is recommended that you buy more famous brands, such as Milabao household products is good, good service, after sale is more secure.

   3, look at the price. The price of an electric hand-held egg beater is also more than one hundred bucks. It is recommended that you buy Mirabelle well-known brands.

   4, followed by the size, the size of a large egg for a large amount of eggs, but it is more laborious to use; Finally, look at the density of steel wire, in general, the greater the density to play out the more detailed liquid egg.

   Second, buy electric egg beater

   The structure of the electric egg beater is more complicated and is mainly divided into several steps:

   1, see function. Electric egg beaters can generally be beaten egg, stirring jam, butter, etc., power enough bear electric egg beater words can also be, and consumers according to their own needs to choose the right function of the egg beater.

   2, see the details. After reading the function of the electric egg beater, you also need to look at how the cooling function works, and whether you need to use the surface of the dough mixer.