How to Care for Wooden Spoons

- May 05, 2018-

  1. Clean your wooden spoons well after every use.

  Fill a sink or bowl with warm water. Add a few drops, about one teaspoon, of liquid dish soap to the water and then add the spoons to the water.

  2. Wet a nylon scrubbing pad in the soapy water.

  Scrub the wooden spoons until all remnants of food are gone.

  3. Rinse the spoons well under warm water.

  Dry them with a towel and hang them (from a utensil hook) to finish drying.

  4. Sanitize your wooden spoons.

  It’s a good idea to sanitize your wooden spoons from time to time, especially if your spoons have come in contact with any surface or food product that may harbor harmful bacteria. To sanitize your spoons, first clean the spoons with warm, soapy water. Next, lay the spoons on a flat surface — such as a clean baking sheet — and pour 3 percent hydrogen peroxide over them. Wait fifteen minutes, rinse the spoons off and hang them to dry.

  5. To keep them looking like new, oil your wooden spoons once a month.

  Rub your spoons with food-grade mineral oil or use the recommended oil from the manufacturer. The oil will prolong the life of the spoon. Hang the spoons up to dry after oiling and do not use the spoons until they have fully dried.