How to choose a suitable red wine glass

- May 02, 2018-

  Look at the choice of materials. Well-selected red wine wine glasses --- red wine cups, should not be seen star-shaped, cloud-like and floc-like distribution of gas-liquid inclusions. The texture is pure, smooth, and crystal.

  Second, look at work. Processed for the red wine cup is a grinder. A red wine glass with good workmanship should be elaborate and not only fully demonstrate the external beauty (shape, style, symmetry, etc.) of wine glass products, but also can maximize the excavation of its inner beauty (crystal clearness).

  Three look polished. The quality of the red wine directly affects the worth of the red wine. The red wine glass must be polished by the golden sand during the processing, and the rough production will cause the glass surface to have the trace of friction. A good red wine glass has better transparency and luster. According to the jargon, it is "fire head."