How to choose high quality food silicone pad

- Mar 19, 2018-

Consumers often ask whether food silicone pads are really non-toxic. Why do consumers ask questions? The key is not to know how to identify the silicone pads that are purchased and whether they are non-toxic silicone materials. Questions about purchasing silicone pads. Here are some suggestions for purchasing several silicone pads for you.

The first thing to be clear is that the silicone material used in the high-quality silicone steamer pad is a grade one food silicone without any toxicity. The material properties are the same as the silicone ring in the pressure cooker. The poor quality silicone pad is made of ordinary rubber material. In the high temperature environment, there will be traces of toxic substances, which is not suitable for food processing. How to distinguish whether it is food grade silicone material when purchasing?

The method is not difficult, it is recommended that you can ignite the silicone material to determine when the purchase, if the silicone mat lit does not produce an open flame, but just emit white smoke, then that the product is made of real food grade silicone Silicone mats; if an open flame occurs and black smoke is emitted, then it is likely that this is an ordinary plastic and is used by unscrupulous traders to impersonate food grade silicone. In addition, when purchasing, pay attention to avoiding low-cost traps, because the plastic material made of silicone pads, its lower cost, so the price is not high, and the food-grade silicone is relatively high cost, so, encountered With the so-called silicone pads sold at a low price, consumers must be cautious.