How to choose stainless steel insulation cup

- May 23, 2018-

  The regular stainless steel vacuum flask must use food grade stainless steel, ie 304 stainless steel, which is the common 18/8 stainless steel in our introduction. Because of the cost problem, bad businesses often shoddy and use 302 or even lower 200 series stainless steel instead. , The heavy metal is seriously excessive, causing great harm to the human body.

  Look at the price of the mug

  Is the so-called wool in the sheep body, 304 stainless steel vacuum flask price is significantly higher than the ordinary stainless steel, like the kind of dozen or twenty stainless steel insulation cup on the street or directly thrown into the trash, and its quality is not good Where to go.

  Look at the label of the flask

  Normally the regular stainless steel insulation cup label or the specification will indicate the product's model, volume, material, production address, usage method, etc. The material of 304 stainless steel insulation cup will be clearly marked.

  Look at the brand of insulation cup

  Stainless steel insulation cup brand selection is also very critical, the regular big brand quality is guaranteed, the quality is trustworthy, and some unknown small brands, there may be shoddy issues, the use is not assured.

  Look at the insulation cup

  Ordinary stainless steel cups appear whitish or dark in color, and rust appears when they are soaked in saline at a concentration of 1% for 24 hours. Currently on the market there is a special 304 stainless steel material identification agent, in addition to insulation cups, other stainless steel kitchen utensils can be detected.