How to Choose the Best Pancake Turner?

- May 10, 2018-

  The best pancake turner is one that will flip a half-cooked pancake easily without causing the pancake to break. There are several types of pancake turners. When choosing the best one, you need to think about the material the turner is made of and the shape of it. You may also want to think about a pancake turner that is easy to clean, especially if you are the dishwasher in the home.

  Traditional pancake turners are made out of metal or wood. A wooden turner is usually a bit thicker than other kinds of pancake turners. They are made well and will last for a long time. A metal pancake turner can be a good choice because it can be very thin. The thinness of a metal turner helps to get under the pancake easily and flip it quickly.

  Many chefs use a pancake turner that is made out of silicone or nylon. Both of these materials are very flexible. They can bend easily to get under the pancake. Silicone and nylon turners will last for a long time, as they can withstand high temperatures and are difficult to break.

  When choosing the best pancake turner, you may want to think about the type of pans or surface you use to cook pancakes. If you have a nonstick surface, you may not want to use a metal turner. The metal will sometimes scratch the cooking surface. Silicon or nylon turners will not damage a nonstick surface.

  Other factors to think about when choosing the best pancake turner are the size and shape of the turner. If you enjoy making large pancakes, you may want to choose a bigger turner. If you typically make smaller pancakes, then a small turner will be easier to handle. Some turners have a rounder shape to fit comfortably under the pancake. Other turners are a rectangle shape and may be able to flip more than one small pancake at a time.

  Different materials have specific washing instructions. Some pancake turners, like the silicon or nylon versions, can usually be placed in the dishwasher. A metal or wood pancake turner usually needs to be hand-washed. Wood utensils can not soak for long periods of time in water, as it will eventually ruin or mold the wood.

  Pancake turners vary in cost, but most are inexpensive. Wooden and metal turners generally have a higher price than silicone or nylon turners. Since they are not high in cost, you may be able to purchase more than one and try a couple of different options to find out which is the best choice for your pancakes.